Premium Cabin Carry Bag - MN6


Morish Nuts Premium offering is a cornucopia of our premium range. This will really make a statement when given as a gift including delicious Peanut Crunch and traditional Peanut Brittle.

  • Morish Nuts & Knots - dry roasted & salted Almonds & Cashews blended with oven baked pretzels 80g
  • Morish Premium Mix - Caramel coated 80g
  • Morish Almond - caramel coated 80g
  • Morish Peanut Crunch - Popcorn & Peanuts coated in crunchy caramel 100g
  • Morish Macadamia - caramel coated 80g
  • Morish Cashews - caramel coated 80g
  • Morish Peanuts - Caramel coated  80g
  • Morish Peanut brittle - Handmade peanut brittle 150g