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Morish Nuts

Our New Swan Valley Shop

Morish Nuts - Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The team at Morish are super excited about the opening of the new factory and shop in the Swan Valley! Just off of Great Northern Highway, the new shop will be situated in Herne Hill, half an hour north east of Perth City- right next to our good friends Mondo Nougat! A destination for foodies from all over Perth, the Swan Valley is home to more than 90 cafes and restaurants, as well as a multitude of small farms, wineries and food producers. It is now known as “Perth’s Valley of Taste”, making it the ideal spot for us to set up camp!

Our team has been hard at work getting us ready for the grand opening- but if you can’t wait that long, here are a couple of pictures showing our progress:

It’s looking pretty good so far- and we can’t wait to open our doors to the public, so that you guys can come in and see us in action (and of course pick up some delicious free samples).

Keep updated on our progress and check out more pictures, by visiting our Facebook here.

Gold for Morish Nuts!!

Morish Nuts - Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Olympics are just around the corner! It is hard to believe that 4 years have passed and here we are again, getting excited about trying to smash the Americans in the medal tally and having funny conversations like, if you could compete in any sport, what would it be? Or, if you won a gold medal would you take it off to shower?

All this talk of the Olympics got us wondering, if Mr Morish could compete in any sport, what sport would that be?



His top hat makes us all think equestrian. More specifically, dressage. The glitz and the glamour would suit Mr Morish down to a tee. The hay and tall horses, not so much. Mr Morish is a short little peanut. It would take a ladder for him to climb up onto a horse, and even then his little legs would never reach the stirrups. The gold medal for individual dressage has gone to the Nederlands at the last 3 Olympics. In fact Australia has never won any medals in dressage since it's beginning at the Stockholm Olympics in 1912. We think we might leave this one to the professionals.




A lot of Mr Morish’s Nuts have a bit of kick to them. For example, the Hot and Spicy Macadamias, Wasabi Macadamias, Hot and Spicy Cashews, Hot and Spicy Peanuts. This leads us to believe that Mr Morish is a bit of a feisty peanut at heart, and with all that energy, would hold his own on the judo mats. Judo is derived from jujitsu, the hand-to-hand combat technique of ancient samurai warriors. When we think of Mr Morish, we don’t automatically think samurai warrior, but with a little bit of bulking up and a lot of practice on his armlock, Mr Morish could be a Judoka in no time.  Until he sees these pictures ...






Being from Perth, home of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the clearest option for Mr Morish is Beach Volleyball. The sun, the sweat and sand literally everywhere! Sounds like heaven. Australia has done well in Beach volleyball, picking up fourth place in the men’s at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, and the Women scored gold in Sydney in 2000. Mr Morish would be following the path of some of Australia’s sporting legends.



However at this late stage we think the chance of Mr Morish getting the call up for any event is unlikely. Which is fine, because it leaves him to take part in the event he loves best, supporting our Aussie athletes from the sidelines and eating tons of Morish Nuts.

Make sure you are all stocked up with your favourite Morish treats for the next few weeks. We are going to need a lot of midnight snacks!


Morish Nuts - Thursday, March 01, 2012

Wake up! Wake up! It's Autumn already!! And the best bit about heading into the cooler months? ALL OF THE SHOWS OF COURSE!!


Remember Archie's Eastern Walkabout last year? Well, we're travelling the East coast again and going to all those wonderful shows - filling up on that good ol' festival feel, catching up with old friends and nut lovers, and of course providing you with the huge joy of Morish show bags :-)


So get your calendars and diaries out and jot these down - if you're super duper excited like we are you may want to use highlighters and multicoloured pens too! Post its sometimes help, or flashing neon signs - but we hope you don't need to get that extravagant!


First up the Tastes of Sydney show from the 8th of March. The week after that (no messing about with free time here!) find us at the Newcastle Show (16th - 18th March). And then as we head into April, a bumper of a month we go!!


Those keenly awaiting the Sydney Royal Easter Show will get to go wild again; bring on the show rides, big crowds and lots and lots of show bags! We'll be there from 5th April until the 18th. And if you feel the need to see the show again and again, we'd be more than happy to assist your sugar levels with a bit of our special caramel coated Morish Premium Nut Mix.


We'll take a quick breath then shoot over to the NSW Caravan & Camping Show from the 20th. And while that's happening, we do a tricksy double whammy in the last weekend where you'll see us at the Royal Bathurst Show AS WELL between 27th - 29th April.


Yep, that's right - we can multi-task so well you might as well call us a woman!


And not to keep the other side of the country awaiting their Morish fix - you'll also see us at…Wagin's Woolorama (9th & 10th March), Araluen's Fremantle Chilli Festival (10th and 11th March) and the Perth Caravan & Camping Show from 15th - 19th March.


And what about that middle part of Australia who don't get to go to any of these shows?! Well, hit us up online and you can get in as much Morish munching as you can get your virtual hands on. Our ordering system is quick and easy, and we post your scrummy goods out to you as soon as we get the order.



National Nut Day!

Morish Nuts - Wednesday, October 19, 2011

National Nut Day is celebrated on October 22nd in the USA and UK, but given that we're nutty about those little things EVERY day, we've decided to pay particular attention to the grandness of nuts in order to join in the festivities.

Apart from the huge health benefits and yummy snack options - nuts have a pretty cool appearance through history.

Peanut butter was developed in 1890 by a doctor in St. Louis who ground peanuts to give to elderly patients as an easily digestible food. In actual fact, peanut butter has a few more uses than the regular sarny - the natural oils found in peanut butter can remove gum from your hair. So mum's and dad's, it's ok to let your kids go nuts (haha) with a stick of Hubba Bubba, so long as you've stocked up on the PB.



In Celtic lore the Hazel tree is the tree of knowledge. Apparently (this is a rough translation of ancient myth) there was a sacred pool in Ireland that was surrounded by 9 Hazel trees. Hazelnuts would drop from these trees into the water, and be eaten by salmon - and legend has it that if you ate the salmon you would be granted with immense knowledge. Nice!

 A native Australian tree, the Bunya Pine, produces large cones of Bunya nuts once every 3 years. When this happened, Aboriginals would hold a Bunya Feast in the mountains of Queensland (the only place these trees grow) to celebrate (and eat and eat and eat!). We like to do that with our Morish Family Mix after every batch… but that's just us!

Pistachios managed to always make it into the knapsacks of travellers and explorers in those early days - this is because of their high nutritional value and long storage life. So if you don't have pistachios in your trail mix these days, you really need some upgrading to the original snack-a-thon food.

That goes for you too, Dora.

Almonds are a world favourite. Tutankhamen had them in his tomb, the ancient Romans loved them, Shakespeare wrote about them, and reference to the humble almond are even found in the Bible. We'll say no more.


And a few other pieces of trivia, just for fun…

..Walnuts shells are a specialist medium used for polishing.

.. Some American states have officially appointed nuts as their State Nut - Missouri has the Eastern Black Walnut, Alabama and Texas both adore the Pecan, and Oregon names the Hazelnut as the State representative.

..Pecans come in a variety of sizes, correct terminology is "mammoth, extra large, large, medium, small and midget".

..Macadamias have the hardest shell to crack into, but the Hyacinth Macaw, Hyena and Alligator all have a jaw strong enough to crack it open on their own. Lesson learnt: don't mess with any of these animals. A human's skin is not as thick as a macca's shell.

Of course, if you're not already a nut lover and haven't been convinced by our loving interpretation of nut history, the wonders of peanut butter sandwiches and the pecan pie are enough to satisfy us!

Happy National Nut Day!
October 22nd

Archie's Eastern Walkabout: The Final Chapter, Westbound!

Morish Nuts - Tuesday, May 31, 2011

After all our magnificent adventures on the East coast, it became time to think about heading home back to Perth. We set off from Sydney on the auspicious day of Friday 13th…

Drove through Katoomba and stopped at the Panorama Café – what a beautiful time-warped shop, making chocolates and selling cups of coffee and tea in beautiful paneled rooms.

Then it was over the Blue Mountains to Bathurst, where I was lucky enough to enjoy a joyride around the circuit of the Bathurst 500 on Mt Panorama. Vroom, vroom!

If only I could do just a few more laps…

But Marie and I had to move on, or rather, Marie had to tear the rev-head away from the playground, so it was off to Orange we went. Passed via Oberon, a lovely little rural town named after Shakespeare’s king of the fairies. Spent the night at Oriana Motel Orange - very warm and cosy, a nice getaway from the freezing cold outside! There was snow at nearby Mt Canonolas, and when we left for Dubbo the next morning it was very cold, overcast and grey – thank goodness for efficient 21st century car heaters!

Overnight at Cobar, getting warmer now, out of the wind with clear blue skies in the Shire of Bogan. This is a mining town with a population of 4,000, although at one point in its history they had a population of 10,000 and their own stock exchange! Spent some time at the races in Cobar, on the same day as Black Caviar’s win in Sydney – we like to think there was some sort of connection with the win...

Passing through Wilcannia on our way to Broken Hill we decided this small town next to the picturesque Darling River is as close to an Australian ghost town as you might imagine. Beautiful turn of the 19th century buildings were boarded up from its busy days as a once- important inland port.

Visited Silverton, the home of the Mad Max 2 museum, before staying overnight at Broken Hill. Parts of quite a few films have been filmed at Silverton (a town with a population of under 100 – they’re a close-knit group) including Mad Max 2, the second Town Like Alice, and Priscilla Queen of the Desert to name a few. The pub (a necessary stop!) was very interesting with a Mad Max vehicle standing outside.

Visited Pro Hart Art Gallery in Broken Hill – in the garage of the gallery are a few of the family’s collection of Rolls Royce, two of which were decorated with Pro Hart Paintings, one a very spectacular rendition of the Australian outback.

Left Broken Hill on the Eyre Highway heading for South Australia and a return to Port Augusta where it was clear and cold. Stopped at Manna Hill (which seems to have a population that barely hits 2 digits) for morning tea at the pub, then basked like a lizard in the sun. We also met and chatted with the publican Dianne Highett who was kind enough to allow us to capture the memory on camera.

Skirted Port Augusta and passed by Iron Knob and onto Kimba, the home of the Giant Gallah (we love those large animals!) and a café which is appropriately named “Halfway Across Australia”. No time to stop! Morning tea and a visit to the tempting bakery in Wudinna was on the schedule, a town also known for its granite outcrops, hence were we found the granite statue dedicated to the farmers of the area.


Spent the night at Nundroo Roadhouse in a very modest dwelling, as all of the roadhouses are on the Eyre Highway. People manning the roadhouses were sociable and very welcoming, which happened to be not the only thing making our time spent here much more pleasant. Showers were lovely and hot and the beds comfortable, with good food too – never underestimate the importance of a full tummy and a nice warm bed to sleep in! A fellow traveler ate a 1kg steak and for that feat won himself a t-shirt with the message “You kill it and we cook it” – so now we know why there were minimal sightings of road kill on the way here…

Next day stopped at Head of Bight, part of Yalata Aboriginal Land, with hopes to see the whales in the Southern Ocean. Success! We were lucky enough to see one whale quite a way out in the bight. Evidently, hundreds of Southern Right Whales come into the bight yearly to socialize, calve and breed for the next season, and we saw the first one to arrive this year!

Now we were getting closer to our WA roots… Over the border at Eucla to begin our final leg home.

A re-visit to the longest golf course in the world, the Nullarbor Links. Played a hole and spent the evening at Madura Roadhouse – originally a station breeding horses for the British Army in India, hence the name of this particular hole “Brumby Run”. The eighteen holes of this course span the run from Kalgoorlie to Ceduna. Maybe our next walkabout will cover each of the other holes in this massive (adventurous!) course… Certainly a worthy feat!

Now onto Esperence, via Norseman, Salmon Gums and Grass Patch. Could not resist a one night stay at Esperance, WAs best kept secret. Beautiful coastline, pristine beaches... Even if it was a little overcast! The town has grown in size since the last visit 11 years ago, but it’s still one of our favourites.

Back to Perth via Ravensthorpe and Hyden to see the Wave Rock. Well, “see Wave Rock” was on our list of things to do, but unfortunately we didn’t QUITE make it there. Although we have still not seen the Wave, we snagged an excellent photo of the sign!


So our Eastern Walkabout comes to an end… We have seen big towns, little towns, many large iconic animals, frozen our toes in the cold weather, met dozens and dozens of Morish fanatics (new and old!) and spent plenty of time discovering the heart of Australia.

And on a picturesque homebound arrival, we drove into Perth at sunset on 20th May – what a way to finish such a grand adventure!

Nutty About Nuts, Sweet On Cookies and Slice...

Morish Nuts - Tuesday, November 16, 2010
In August this year, Morish sponsored Farm Weekly’s RIPE Magazine NutRipe Recipe Competition, where WA readers were asked to send in their favourite mastered recipes of anything sweet, and nutty!

A parade of tempting homemade treats made their way to the offices – we’re not sure how they managed to judge them! The winner from Neergabby, WA, received a Morish Premium Cabin Carry Bag full of great Morish treats!

Here at the Morish kitchen, we LOVE experimenting with new great-tasting recipes, so we’ve chosen our two favourites from the competition to share with you. We went nutty over this Macadamia Shortbread made by Kym from Neergabby, and the Macadamia Slice by Pam in Corrigin. Our Morish Raw Macadamia would be perfect to use in both these delicious recipes!

Macadamia Shortbread

Makes 24


115g (3/4cup) plain flour
70g (1/2 cup) cornflour
60g (1/2 cup) finely chopped Morish Raw Macadamia nuts
125g butter, cubed, at room temperature
80g (1/2 cup) icing sugar, sifted
1tsp vanilla essence
50g dark chocolate, chopped


Preheat oven to 160C. Line two baking trays with non-stick paper.
Use electric beater to beat butter, sugar and vanilla essence in a bowl until pale and creamy.
Sift flour and cornflour together in a medium bowl. Add to butter mixture with macadamia nuts and use wooden spoon to mix until just combined into a soft dough.
With lightly floured hands, roll teaspoonfuls of dough into 4cm logs. Place about 4cm apart on lined baking trays.
Bake for 20 mins or until light golden and cooked through, swapping trays half-way through cooking.
Remove from oven and cool on baking trays.
Place chocolate in small heatproof bowl over saucepan of simmering water, stirring until melted and smooth.
Drizzle melted chocolate over cooled biscuits.

Macadamia Slice


250g Granita biscuits
100g melted butter
1/3 cup glace ginger
1/4 cup sesame seeds
395ml condensed milk
1/3 cup coconut
1 cup Morish Raw Macadamia nuts
250g dark chocolate


Preheat oven to 160C.
Crush Granita biscuits finely. Add to melted butter. Press into greased and lined 7 x 11cm tin.
Sprinkle with finely chopped glace ginger and sesame seeds. Pour over tin of condensed milk.
Press finely chopped macadamia nuts and coconut into condensed milk.
Bake for 35 mins or until it bubbles and browns. Remove from oven and cool.
Melt chocolate and pour over top of slice. Cool. Cut into slices.

We think these fantastic sweet treats are very... What's the word? Morish!

Keeping you in the Morish loop

Morish Nuts - Friday, November 05, 2010
It’s been a very busy time of year here at the Morish kitchen – the team has just finished up with The Royal Shows in Adelaide and Perth, we’ve been travelling Western Australia with more regional shows, and have more visits to make before Christmas (we understand how Santa feels now!).

And of course we’re still hard at work hand-mixing our nuts and confectionary to get ready for the summer holiday season!

But we like to make sure you know what’s coming up at Morish, and where you can get your hands on more Morish treats! So to keep you in the loop, we come to our latest piece of news – Morish is now on Facebook!

That’s right – we’ve joined the online bandwagon. Which is great news for all our Morish friends!

If you want to hear the latest news about where we’ve been, what we’re cooking, and what’s coming up, make sure you go online and “LIKE” Morish Nuts on Facebook.

And if that’s not good enough already, soon we’ll be having specials and giveaways JUST FOR OUR FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK – sounds like a good deal to us!

In return, we’d love to hear from you and see some photos of your favourite Morish moments. We’ve even had someone make us cookies using our Caramel Coated Premium Nut Mix!

And remember, the more the merrier! So make sure to tell your family and friends all about Morish Nuts. Visit us on Facebook here.

And watch out for Morish specials just for you!

A Morish week at the Perth Royal Show 2010

Morish Nuts - Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Friends, showbags, and nuts – we had another fantastic week of fun at the Perth Royal Show for 2010. Running from 25th September to 2nd October, we saw thousands of show-goers and had a great time welcoming back our regular Morish visitors – and saying hello to new ones!

We had 3 Morish stands across the Claremont Showgrounds this year, which saw heaps of show highlights! Fantastic weather, days of great crowds and nights of magical fireworks, meant it wasn’t hard to enjoy the show (amongst the hard work!).

And the best part of the Royal Show? The showbags, of course.

A crowd favourite (again) this year was the Jumbo Bag, with all your favourites for just $40, including the original Morish Jumbo Peanut, plus Jumbo Cashew, Jumbo Almond, Mini Pretzels, and Pop-a-Jak (just to name a few). It seems our loyal Morish customers like the value for money in the jumbo bag – it’s the most popular of all our Morish showbags!

Exciting news this year was our brand new Morish Nuts Fruit ‘n’ Nut Premium Showbag, full of tasty treats such as Choc Ginger, Macadamia Crunch and Macadamia Brittle, Choc Apricot and Choc Liquorice. For a show price of just $39 (retail value $55), this bag was a real treat! 

Show-goers would have also seen the Mums & Dads bag, Junior Showbag, and our Macadamia Showbag. And, we’re proud to have achieved the Highly Commended Showbag Award for the show this year. Well done to the team!

Thanks for coming along to see us at the Perth Royal Show – we look forward to seeing you next year! 

And for Perth Morish lovers who didn’t get the chance to see us at the show this year, remember you can always order ONLINE at www.morish.com.au , Or feel free to drop by our shop at 139 Kensington Street – we’d love to say hello!

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