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The Journey Begins: Satellites, Star Track & Sports Cars

Morish Nuts - Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Our intrepid leaders at Morish Nuts, Archie Moroni and Marie Mapp, have embarked upon a great journey… Which we will hereby declare to be “Archie’s Eastern Walkabout”!

This 3½ month road trip will take them across our great land, and incorporate visits to Morish stands at some of the country’s premier Royal and Agricultural shows. The journey began last week with the pair crossing into the gateway of the great spread of land we call the Nullarbor…

Heading into an Easterly wind, by the time we had reached Southern Cross (home to the earliest gold find in WA!) the weather was definitely warming up. Temperatures started hitting the high 30s by the time we got to Coolgardie, where the SERIOUS gold was found back in the day. In its heyday the city used to boast some 20 breweries – we sure would have liked to come across one of those nice cold pints to cool things down!

Travelling some several hundred kilometres further (that’s what road trips are all about, after all) we finally take a left at Norseman. While this marked the last substantial town we’d come across for a while, it also opened the gates to the Nullarbor, where our adventure really begins…

A night stop over brought us to Balladonia. After a surprisingly good dinner, we hit the town’s main attraction: the museum next to the roadhouse. A quite comprehensive little place it turned out to be, informing us that this very town was famous for being the final, however unplanned, landing site of US satellite Skylab in 1979. We found this little anecdote by the Sydney Morning Herald to be quite amusing: “Anyone driving through the area can only wonder at the Skylab's remarkably sophisticated choice of landing place. You could spray the area with space debris and no one would ever be hit or harmed.”

Early the next day we had a nice chat to some Star Track drivers – our trusty transport contractors who so efficiently deliver Morish Nuts to our Eastern States customers. In fact, we have some customers who are amazed that Star Track get their delightful munchies to them on Monday after ordering the previous Friday, often more speedily than suppliers based in Melbourne!

And then we hit the Eyre Highway – with a most remarkable 90 Mile stretch of NO CORNERS. That’s 146km of straight, straight, straight, straight, straight…. And of course, it serves as a most reasonable place to put a landing strip for the Royal Flying Doctor! We’ve certainly settled into our trip now, with a long road ahead of us.

One does feel that this is the place where a high powered sports car would be really great fun, scooting across the plain at 160-200km…

…Instead, we’re committed to setting autopilot on 110…

Stay tuned for more!

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