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Hamper up! Christmas is near!

Morish Nuts - Thursday, November 24, 2011


Frantic are the days in the lead up to Christmas - how could it be December, ALREADY?!

 Well, we at Morish like to [try] take it easy during the festive season, so we'll pass on some gift-giving advice to make it a cinch for you too.


Plan Ahead

It's that point at which you are wondering around the shopping centre for the 11th hour straight, slightly loopy because of the ice-cream stops you HAD to make along the way, yet still without any success of "gifts" that it really sinks in: Christmas shopping is hard. We suggest planning your gifts before hitting the shops expecting them to jump out at you from windows, encased in the perfect gift wrap and hand written card. Zip, bam, boom - you have a list and it takes less than an hour to wiz around, ticking off Dad, Sis, second cousins and Grandma's next door neighbour.


Order a Morish Hamper online

Our hampers are choc-a-block full of scrumptious goodies (who needs a stocking if you get this instead???) and it is easy peasy to order online and have it delivered right to you in a flash. Or, to put on our convenience crown, you can deliver a gift straight to the giftee's front door! Our Jumbo Hamper comes in a very pretty tote bag (yes, you get that too!) and for a special gift our new Morish-Mondo Nuts and Nougat Feast is now on sale!




Another Christmas, another round of socks and jocks from dear little mum's and Nanna's everywhere. For a Secret Santa pressie? Not so cool.


When in doubt, use pretty wrapping paper.

It's all about presentation, right? So if the present inside isn't the most hippity-hop, smother it in beautiful packaging and pretty bows so it APPEARS to be something great. Maybe, it will look SO good that people will just want to keep it wrapped under the tree, forever.



For more ideas, follow our Morish X-Mas Countdown
We'll be featuring a product every week in the lead up to Christmas on the Morish Nuts Facebook page. For the perfect gift for Secret Santa's, family, friends and work colleges - we'll have the best ideas up our white-trimmed red sleeves.

The Morish how-to guide for the Royal Adelaide Show

Morish Nuts - Monday, August 29, 2011
The Royal Adelaide Show is just a few days away, and just like you we're at the "so excited we can barely sleep" level of enthusiasm.

One of the reasons we're SUPER excited for this year's show is that we'll have our brand new Morish Tamari Almonds there, and show goers will be among the FIRST to try our newest savoury delight. Oven roasted Australian almonds bathed in tangy tamari sauce… If you're a fan of the Morish Savoury Nibbles, you'll definitely need to give this a try!

But before you head off to enjoy a week of show-time fun, we thought we'd use our expertise (we are annual show goers after all) and let you in on a few secrets to really get the most out of the show this year!

Tips for enjoying the best of the show;

1. Try as many rides as possible

The show only comes once a year, so you might as well go ahead and release all your adrenalin cravings at once with the many rides that you'll find at the show. If you don't know where to start, we suggest going for those with the best names (just like betting on horses come race day) - Rock 'n' Roll Matterhorn, Gravitron and another called the "Fungee Bungee" get our votes this year.

We're also interested in a brand new ride, the Disco O… We're imagining something that involves an endless playlist of 70s hits - groovy.

2. Freebies!

We know that one of the biggest highlights of going to the show each year is stocking up on freebies that generally come at you from left right and centre, so take advantage of this! Hint, hint, if you visit us at the Morish stand we have many delicious [free] samples to share with you :-)

3. Eat your hearts out

Who can resist all that show food - fairy floss, hot dogs, baked potatoes - and you'll definitely need it to give you that energy boost to get to everything you want to see. Although we find that regardless of the sugar intake, you always seem to end up completely exhausted at the end of the day…

4. It's all about strategy

You're going to the show. There are a million and one things you 'need' to see or do. Best way to tackle it? Prioritise. There's only so much sprinting-to-the-next-thing-you-see-that-looks-good before you end up dizzy with very sore feet.

And a small piece of advice? Aim to buy the bulk of your show bags on the way out to avoid becoming a pack horse (PS: kids, this is not what mum is at the show for).

5. Don't get lost

Might be a simple tip, but a good one. Don't spend half your day searching for your lost cousin, because even though you made him wear the red hat and wait by the petting zoo, there's probably about a thousand others who have ingeniously carried out the same "nobody else will think of this" idea.

It's much better to stick to the "safety in numbers" idea.

6. Buy your Morish show bag

It's not every day you get to see us, so make sure you stock up and get your Morish fix while you can! We'll be back with your favourite show bags, like the Mums & Dads Show Bag ($20) and Morish Jumbo Show Bag ($40). Plus our new Macadamia Show Bag ($35)! Don't forget you can order online when your stocks get low!

Enjoy the show, we'll see you there!

Royal Adelaide Show
Friday 2nd September - Saturday 10th September 2011
Find out more about the show here.

Tamari hits the scene at the Morish kitchen

Morish Nuts - Tuesday, August 16, 2011
We're getting serious folks.

We're stepping out.

We're leaving our caramel-coated comfort zone….

And introducing a whole new product to our savoury selections.

Get ready for, Morish Tamari Almonds!

For those who are particularly fond of our Morish Savoury Nibbles, you may have craved in the past another delicious Morish snack that wasn't quite as sugary sweet as our caramel- and choc-coated varieties. Well, we put ourselves to work to nut out (haha) the next addition to our tasty savoury saviours.

But this wouldn't be just ANY savoury nut. We were on another quest too; to find natural, gluten free ingredients. And what we came to was the incredible soy substance of tamari.

A type of shoyu (for those of us who don't speak Japanese, this means "soy sauce") tamari is a very enjoyable dark sauce created (eventually) from soybeans. Although it looks like your regular supermarket soy sauce, don't be fooled! Tamari has a much more complex and balanced flavour and doesn't have quite the salty bite that soy has.

And best of all, it is naturally gluten free! (unlike soy sauce)

We knew we were onto a good thing… We oven roast premium Australian almonds to perfection, then bathe them in tamari before oven roasting them to dry. Tamari keeps its full flavour even after cooking, so our almonds are full of delicious-ness and, you've got it - they're extremely morish!

And the best way to enjoy a packet of Tamari Almonds? As Aussie-cliché as it is; with a beer in hand. Although we're not quite as enthusiastic as the Vikings were, who actually believed that there was a giant goat in heaven waiting for them with udders that provided an endless supply of beer……

To more clearly show you the effects of our incredible Tamari Almonds, with the particular variable factor of enjoying a beer during a football game (we may as well keep it Aussie, right?!), we've made a simple graph:

Firstly, a football game with a beer. Enjoyable. However, as you'll notice on the graph, the enjoyment level plateaus.

Here, we enjoy a beer AND Morish Tamari Almonds. Results indicate that enjoyment of the game steadily increases over time.

We're not claiming to be scientists or anything, but this is pretty damning evidence…


PS: You can already order our Tamari Almonds online! Head on over to this page to stock up…

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