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Taste of Sydney 2012

Morish Nuts - Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The annual Taste of Sydney Show from 8th - 11th March kicked off our Eastern Walkabout, and what a great way to begin our East-coast Morish adventure. The weekend pop-up restaurant festival that will give you 'an unforgettable gourmet experience' complete with eating, nibbling, drinking, tasting and shopping - a foodie's haven!


Well, as the best shows always go, this one was off to an interesting start - the first day of the show had to be cancelled last minute due to the crazy weather in Sydney. A massive downfall of rain, and it didn't look like it was going to stop! So much rain in fact, that a guy at Bondi wearing a wet suit sitting at the foot of some stairs looked like he was sitting under a waterfall!


The rest of the weekend was looking fairly unpromising at that point!


But then, miraculously, the following day the sun was out and you wouldn’t have known that there was even a light shower, let alone torrential winds and rain only just the day before. So we had 3 glorious days of show time fun, and there were plenty of characters and Morish lovers that we met through the weekend.


Photo: Taste of Sydney 

One keen customer departed our stand with a gift of Soft Nougat for a friend - we've been informed that it didn't quite make it to the recipient, and she'll now be shopping for replacement Nougat bars for her friend AND herself on our website! (Too right, we say!)


We also spotted Simon Leong, who loved our Macadamias! You can see his blog about the whole festival here - it takes a lot of effort and a keen stomach to get round to ALL the exhibitors in just 3 days!!


So in the end the show was a great success, and a great start to another Eastern Walkabout. The next stop will be the Newcastle Show this weekend!


Morish Nuts - Thursday, March 01, 2012

Wake up! Wake up! It's Autumn already!! And the best bit about heading into the cooler months? ALL OF THE SHOWS OF COURSE!!


Remember Archie's Eastern Walkabout last year? Well, we're travelling the East coast again and going to all those wonderful shows - filling up on that good ol' festival feel, catching up with old friends and nut lovers, and of course providing you with the huge joy of Morish show bags :-)


So get your calendars and diaries out and jot these down - if you're super duper excited like we are you may want to use highlighters and multicoloured pens too! Post its sometimes help, or flashing neon signs - but we hope you don't need to get that extravagant!


First up the Tastes of Sydney show from the 8th of March. The week after that (no messing about with free time here!) find us at the Newcastle Show (16th - 18th March). And then as we head into April, a bumper of a month we go!!


Those keenly awaiting the Sydney Royal Easter Show will get to go wild again; bring on the show rides, big crowds and lots and lots of show bags! We'll be there from 5th April until the 18th. And if you feel the need to see the show again and again, we'd be more than happy to assist your sugar levels with a bit of our special caramel coated Morish Premium Nut Mix.


We'll take a quick breath then shoot over to the NSW Caravan & Camping Show from the 20th. And while that's happening, we do a tricksy double whammy in the last weekend where you'll see us at the Royal Bathurst Show AS WELL between 27th - 29th April.


Yep, that's right - we can multi-task so well you might as well call us a woman!


And not to keep the other side of the country awaiting their Morish fix - you'll also see us at…Wagin's Woolorama (9th & 10th March), Araluen's Fremantle Chilli Festival (10th and 11th March) and the Perth Caravan & Camping Show from 15th - 19th March.


And what about that middle part of Australia who don't get to go to any of these shows?! Well, hit us up online and you can get in as much Morish munching as you can get your virtual hands on. Our ordering system is quick and easy, and we post your scrummy goods out to you as soon as we get the order.



Archie's Eastern Walkabout: The Final Chapter, Westbound!

Morish Nuts - Tuesday, May 31, 2011

After all our magnificent adventures on the East coast, it became time to think about heading home back to Perth. We set off from Sydney on the auspicious day of Friday 13th…

Drove through Katoomba and stopped at the Panorama Café – what a beautiful time-warped shop, making chocolates and selling cups of coffee and tea in beautiful paneled rooms.

Then it was over the Blue Mountains to Bathurst, where I was lucky enough to enjoy a joyride around the circuit of the Bathurst 500 on Mt Panorama. Vroom, vroom!

If only I could do just a few more laps…

But Marie and I had to move on, or rather, Marie had to tear the rev-head away from the playground, so it was off to Orange we went. Passed via Oberon, a lovely little rural town named after Shakespeare’s king of the fairies. Spent the night at Oriana Motel Orange - very warm and cosy, a nice getaway from the freezing cold outside! There was snow at nearby Mt Canonolas, and when we left for Dubbo the next morning it was very cold, overcast and grey – thank goodness for efficient 21st century car heaters!

Overnight at Cobar, getting warmer now, out of the wind with clear blue skies in the Shire of Bogan. This is a mining town with a population of 4,000, although at one point in its history they had a population of 10,000 and their own stock exchange! Spent some time at the races in Cobar, on the same day as Black Caviar’s win in Sydney – we like to think there was some sort of connection with the win...

Passing through Wilcannia on our way to Broken Hill we decided this small town next to the picturesque Darling River is as close to an Australian ghost town as you might imagine. Beautiful turn of the 19th century buildings were boarded up from its busy days as a once- important inland port.

Visited Silverton, the home of the Mad Max 2 museum, before staying overnight at Broken Hill. Parts of quite a few films have been filmed at Silverton (a town with a population of under 100 – they’re a close-knit group) including Mad Max 2, the second Town Like Alice, and Priscilla Queen of the Desert to name a few. The pub (a necessary stop!) was very interesting with a Mad Max vehicle standing outside.

Visited Pro Hart Art Gallery in Broken Hill – in the garage of the gallery are a few of the family’s collection of Rolls Royce, two of which were decorated with Pro Hart Paintings, one a very spectacular rendition of the Australian outback.

Left Broken Hill on the Eyre Highway heading for South Australia and a return to Port Augusta where it was clear and cold. Stopped at Manna Hill (which seems to have a population that barely hits 2 digits) for morning tea at the pub, then basked like a lizard in the sun. We also met and chatted with the publican Dianne Highett who was kind enough to allow us to capture the memory on camera.

Skirted Port Augusta and passed by Iron Knob and onto Kimba, the home of the Giant Gallah (we love those large animals!) and a café which is appropriately named “Halfway Across Australia”. No time to stop! Morning tea and a visit to the tempting bakery in Wudinna was on the schedule, a town also known for its granite outcrops, hence were we found the granite statue dedicated to the farmers of the area.


Spent the night at Nundroo Roadhouse in a very modest dwelling, as all of the roadhouses are on the Eyre Highway. People manning the roadhouses were sociable and very welcoming, which happened to be not the only thing making our time spent here much more pleasant. Showers were lovely and hot and the beds comfortable, with good food too – never underestimate the importance of a full tummy and a nice warm bed to sleep in! A fellow traveler ate a 1kg steak and for that feat won himself a t-shirt with the message “You kill it and we cook it” – so now we know why there were minimal sightings of road kill on the way here…

Next day stopped at Head of Bight, part of Yalata Aboriginal Land, with hopes to see the whales in the Southern Ocean. Success! We were lucky enough to see one whale quite a way out in the bight. Evidently, hundreds of Southern Right Whales come into the bight yearly to socialize, calve and breed for the next season, and we saw the first one to arrive this year!

Now we were getting closer to our WA roots… Over the border at Eucla to begin our final leg home.

A re-visit to the longest golf course in the world, the Nullarbor Links. Played a hole and spent the evening at Madura Roadhouse – originally a station breeding horses for the British Army in India, hence the name of this particular hole “Brumby Run”. The eighteen holes of this course span the run from Kalgoorlie to Ceduna. Maybe our next walkabout will cover each of the other holes in this massive (adventurous!) course… Certainly a worthy feat!

Now onto Esperence, via Norseman, Salmon Gums and Grass Patch. Could not resist a one night stay at Esperance, WAs best kept secret. Beautiful coastline, pristine beaches... Even if it was a little overcast! The town has grown in size since the last visit 11 years ago, but it’s still one of our favourites.

Back to Perth via Ravensthorpe and Hyden to see the Wave Rock. Well, “see Wave Rock” was on our list of things to do, but unfortunately we didn’t QUITE make it there. Although we have still not seen the Wave, we snagged an excellent photo of the sign!


So our Eastern Walkabout comes to an end… We have seen big towns, little towns, many large iconic animals, frozen our toes in the cold weather, met dozens and dozens of Morish fanatics (new and old!) and spent plenty of time discovering the heart of Australia.

And on a picturesque homebound arrival, we drove into Perth at sunset on 20th May – what a way to finish such a grand adventure!

Archie's Eastern Walkabout: Giant pumpkins, the world's hottest heat and International visitors at the Syndey Royal Easter Show

Morish Nuts - Thursday, May 05, 2011

Another successful year at the Sydney Royal Easter Show! HUGE attendance of over 900,000 over the 14 days with a mere 150,000 on Good Friday getting ready to enjoy the long weekend Easter break. The million mark was well within reach, but unfortunately the last three days of the show produced non-stop rain. The weather bureau called them SHOWERS – well, this was a very loose definition of the word… I just do not think the fellows at the cosy weather bureau office popped their heads out of the window to confirm reality!

Set up as usual was frenetic, none more so than watching the district exhibit prepare the fabulous displays of produce, each year a different theme. It is difficult to imagine that from this chaos arises a world class display that attracts visitors from all over Australia and internationally.
The produce is also pretty spectacular, like this bevy of 200kg pumpkins...


...Now THAT’S a pumpkin!

Australian growers are renown for innovation, none more so than our long standing neighbour at the show, Marcel de Wit of The Chilli Factory. Marcel has grown (and had verified) the world’s hottest chilli, the fiercely named TRINIDAD SCORPION BUTCH T. “Pfft… It wouldn’t be THAT hot!” do I hear you say?

Well, chilli potency is measured on the Scoville scale. A jalapeno contains about 5000 Scoville heat units; a bird's eye chilli between 50,000 and 100,000. But the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T? 1.46 MILLION Scoville. The current Guinness World Records is the Naga Viper chilli, measuring 1.38 million… The Trinidad seems to fit Marcel’s “Mind Blowingly Hot” range! In fact, for some portions of the manufacturing process, protective clothing must be worn to “fend off” the chilli fumes – well, we at Morish certainly don’t need industrial gas masks to make our delicious candy coating!

Watching the reactions of show-goers brave enough to sample the Trinidad can be quite spectacular. The ranges of facial expressions as the chilli heat hits provided quite a bit of amusement! Clients in distress are directed to the Morish Nuts stand for a fix of Morish Choc Macadamia or Choc Peanuts to neutralise the worst of the heat…

We also welcomed back to the show many of our regulars such as Mrs Fitzgerald of Tamarama, her twelfth consecutive year visiting the show and our Morish stand to collect her regular show bag. Thank you for your support over our last decade (and a bit! – and still going strong).

This year’s show seemed to leave us a little star struck. Also seen sampling and enjoying Morish Nuts was the Premier of NSW, Barry O’Farrell, and the family who we welcomed to the Morish Family, and Dawn Fraser and her daughter passing by and who just loved Morish Nuts. And even some international visitors including Jenken who felt that anything less than the Jumbo show bag would have been inadequate.

It was also a pleasure to greet Airin Zainul from Media Prima Malaysia, a media and events organisation in the mould of News Limited. She led a team of 63, researching the 10 most successful public events in the world of which the Royal Easter Show features high on the list. Well we certainly know that at least twenty Morish showbags are now destined for lucky recipients in Malaysia! And congratulations to Dorothy Empam, a lucky winner of the day’s Premium Cabin Carry Bag – it is on route to Malaysia, we hope she will generously share with her colleagues (however tough that may be!).

So 2011 at the show is all finished, and once again we had a fabulous time at Sydney! A big thanks to all the nutty nibblers who visited us at the show, and to Kay and the crew with a particular mention to Jason, Katherine, George and Emily. We look forward to seeing you all in 2012!

And for all those who have already gone through their Morish supplies from the show – you can get your fix again by ordering online and having your favourite treats delivered right to your doorstep!

Happy nibbling! We’re off on the road again to continue on our Eastern Walkabout, keep checking here and on our Facebook page for updates!

Archie’s Eastern Walkabout: Embarking over the Bass Strait

Morish Nuts - Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Off to Tasmania we go! After travelling the south of the country across the Bite, we head towards our fondly loved little Tazzy for a bit of sight-seeing. A nice break from the heat and the long roads! Arriving onto Tasmanian soil was, just like our Morish Nougat – a SWEET relief!

A wonderfully buzzing place, the Salamanca Market in Hobart was home to many hand crafted and home made treasures. We’re hoping to exhibit Morish Nuts here! We also want to come back for the Royal Hobart Show in October… look out for us again Tas!

But it was soon time to hit the road again – so back over the Strait and on towards Sydney we went!

On the road we found more of the Big’s to add to our collection – have a look at these golden oldies:

Not to be outdone, Golbourne has really gone to town with this impressive ramm.

And a special entrant to the category, the dog at Gundegai may not be large but for me it’s a sentimental favourite…

Soon enough we were at Canberra for the Royal Show – nice to return once again to one of our favourites! Here are some of our highlights:

Anita and Johan, recent arrivals from South Africa, at their first ever Aussie Royal Show! Anita chose black and white candy stripe to compliment her Premium Nut Showbag.

Kay from Morish QLD and Marie helping a show-goer at the award-winning display (but we don’t like to brag about it).

Mum devotee of the Canberra Royal Show and Morish Nuts introducing 8-day old Lucas to the pleasure of both!

Little William buying dad (an avid Collingwood supporter) a Morish Nuts showbag, ably assisted by mum. Our black and white stripes are a perfect match for fans!

This Bondi Beet was blushing bright red after taking out first prize in the school’s vege sculpture competition!

And after a fantastic week of interesting characters, stories, memories and PLENTY of snacking, we had a slight hiccup…

Marie, Bob and Kay had to struggle without yours truly on last day of the show as I had to be rushed off to Canberra hospital in middle of the night in an attack of kidney stones! I then spent the day being poked, prodded and pricked… But the very pleasant and helpful crew made things much more bearable! Lani and Pauline on duty at the emergency ward are to be commended! Pauline confessed to being a Morish Nuts tragic – her favourites are almond and cashew.

Unfortunately, the girls could not get to the show due to heavy work load. But not to worry ladies, a hamper of Morish goodies are on the way, and a big thank you for your cheery disposition!

Coming up…
The Newcastle Show
Home, Leisure & Lifestyle Show
Royal Sydney Show

Archie’s Eastern Walkabout: A South Australian Fixation

Morish Nuts - Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finally, we reach Ceduna. At a “mild” 48°C (and in the “heat” of the moment – chuckle, chuckle) we decide to spend the night at the small coastal town.

Continuing on our travels, we drive south along the coast of the Eyre Peninsula towards Port Lincoln. Heading into the region famous for its oyster farming, we simply couldn’t resist a stop over in Streaky Bay. The result? The best freshly shucked oysters, ever.

On towards Coffin Bay and Port Lincoln where we are researching for the Yorke Peninsula Field Day in September. This three-day event of agricultural displays and demonstrations boasts to be the first in Australia – an annual event running for over 113 years! West Australian’s have something similar to celebrate, the Dowerin Field Day.

Staying in Port Lincoln, a big fishing town and capital of the tuna industry, it was a pleasantly cool late 20s. One of the perks of our trip has been meeting people along the way, some memorable characters and occasions indeed! We met a couple on a jetty one morning who offered us a gift of freshly caught snook for breakfast. De-lish! Was fabulous and fresh, and perfectly pan fried in butter. A thank you gift of Morish Nuts Savoury Mix was offered in return, and accepted with much appreciation.

Going up to Whyalla then Port Augusta at the head of Spencer Gulf, the heat hit us again – hot as blazes! But they must have the cheapest petrol in Australia - $1.25 for a litre is a lot more comforting for a fill up than what we’ve had along the Nullarbor. Maybe there’s no Woolies or Coles in town…

Heading to the Canberra Show soon, we’re looking forward to being back at the show!

Archie’s Eastern Walkabout continues: Backpackers beat boredom and Big’s reign on the Bite

Morish Nuts - Thursday, March 24, 2011

Archie and Marie continue on their Eastern Walkabout. After leaving Perth to begin their 3 ½ month road trip, we last saw our Nutty travellers slip through the gates to the Nullarbor…

Driving along the Nullarbor, it’s easy to see how some guests of this great stretch of land may seep into a level of boredom. It is apparent that in order to distract oneself (we think the backpackers are the top culprits) you hit the town by decorating the various trees and shrubs along the roadside. Seen along the route were various dress-up displays on flora consisting of shoes, hats, bras, panties… and of course anything else that you might come across in your luggage that is more suited to amusing a passersby and the odd crow or two. Some of these displays really are quite fantastic, and make the trip much more memorable.

However, the moderate pace does give you time to absorb the scenery and local fauna, and it is this time that you get a chance to really appreciate our fine country. Spotting the majestic wedge tailed eagle souring through the skies has been one of our highlights.

Temperatures cool down a bit (thankfully!) as we approach Eucla and Border Town, where the road travels very close to the Great Australian Bite. The influence of the Southern Ocean stretching out to the Antartic make the cooler air much more bearable. Being coastal Perth-dwellers ourselves, we are much more used to a cooler shift brought on by the seas! Spectacular views of the rugged coast line are definitely enjoyed at the occasional tourist stopping points along the Bite.


Stopping at Eucla we spot our first Australian icon! The Big Whale is just one of the various “big” themed attractions Australians have adored for years throughout. Our sighting was quickly followed by The Big Joey at Border Town – I think we’ll start our own album collection of these large friends!

The next stop is the Nullarbor Road House. Away from our giant animal findings and incredible scenic views, reality of the road trip hits. Everything here is high, high, high. High petrol prices ($1.88 per litre in this part of the outback) and high temperatures (again) sitting in the 50s with howling desert winds. We had planned to play a hole on the world’s longest 18-hole golf course. Imagine travelling in your golf buggy through this course stretching from Kalgoorlie in the west to Ceduna in SA… Alas, the temperature convinced us to delay the experience.

The historic relic of an early Nullarbor crossing reminded me of chap called Colin that we had met in our travels the previous night. After a 12 month tour of Australia, he was cycling back to Melbourne. Cycling? We just spent a day in 52°C heat…

…I did not envy him.

The Journey Begins: Satellites, Star Track & Sports Cars

Morish Nuts - Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Our intrepid leaders at Morish Nuts, Archie Moroni and Marie Mapp, have embarked upon a great journey… Which we will hereby declare to be “Archie’s Eastern Walkabout”!

This 3½ month road trip will take them across our great land, and incorporate visits to Morish stands at some of the country’s premier Royal and Agricultural shows. The journey began last week with the pair crossing into the gateway of the great spread of land we call the Nullarbor…

Heading into an Easterly wind, by the time we had reached Southern Cross (home to the earliest gold find in WA!) the weather was definitely warming up. Temperatures started hitting the high 30s by the time we got to Coolgardie, where the SERIOUS gold was found back in the day. In its heyday the city used to boast some 20 breweries – we sure would have liked to come across one of those nice cold pints to cool things down!

Travelling some several hundred kilometres further (that’s what road trips are all about, after all) we finally take a left at Norseman. While this marked the last substantial town we’d come across for a while, it also opened the gates to the Nullarbor, where our adventure really begins…

A night stop over brought us to Balladonia. After a surprisingly good dinner, we hit the town’s main attraction: the museum next to the roadhouse. A quite comprehensive little place it turned out to be, informing us that this very town was famous for being the final, however unplanned, landing site of US satellite Skylab in 1979. We found this little anecdote by the Sydney Morning Herald to be quite amusing: “Anyone driving through the area can only wonder at the Skylab's remarkably sophisticated choice of landing place. You could spray the area with space debris and no one would ever be hit or harmed.”

Early the next day we had a nice chat to some Star Track drivers – our trusty transport contractors who so efficiently deliver Morish Nuts to our Eastern States customers. In fact, we have some customers who are amazed that Star Track get their delightful munchies to them on Monday after ordering the previous Friday, often more speedily than suppliers based in Melbourne!

And then we hit the Eyre Highway – with a most remarkable 90 Mile stretch of NO CORNERS. That’s 146km of straight, straight, straight, straight, straight…. And of course, it serves as a most reasonable place to put a landing strip for the Royal Flying Doctor! We’ve certainly settled into our trip now, with a long road ahead of us.

One does feel that this is the place where a high powered sports car would be really great fun, scooting across the plain at 160-200km…

…Instead, we’re committed to setting autopilot on 110…

Stay tuned for more!

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