Who can resist those puppy eyes??

Date Posted:3 November 2011 

"When we make friends, we like to keep them.
Especially when they're cute and furry.

Here at Morish we've been supporting the Guide Dogs for 12 years (that's 84 in dog years!!). Starting in our humble home in WA, where in fact the first Guide Dogs of Australia began when a young chap called Arnold Cook decided to start the organisation, we've helped them raise money in one of their best fundraisers of the year!

It costs $30,000 to train each one of those Guide Dog pups (they're not ALL puppy eyes and wagging tails!), so the Association relies completely on the generosity of those who donate to their Guide Dog Program. And, each Guide Dog is actually given to those in need free of charge, so supporting them through fundraising is vital.


And that's where Morish step in!


Each year before the Royal Show you can buy a super-duper-special Guide Dogs/Morish Nuts Hamper or Tote Bag. What's the benefit? Well, you get a hamper full of scrummy goods to eat (both for you AND little Fido) plus you could win free tickets to the show. AND BEST OF ALL, you're helping raise funds to train those little pooches.


Soon after WA caught on to the Hampers, we quickly rolled out to Queensland and New South Wales.


These yummy hampers only come 'round once a year so make sure you let us know to be put on the list so you don't miss out! Delicious Morish nuts to eat AND adorable puppy eyes? That's a double whammy, you really can't miss out.

Helping cute puppies who love to help the blind? And all we have to do is eat a hamper of Morish Nuts?!

You don't have to ask us twice…

So we say our thank yous and bowwows with a nibble or two of Morish.

To find out more about Guide Dogs go to http://www.guidedogsaustralia.com or visit The Association of the Blind WA at http://www.guidedogswa.com.au