The theft of Mr Morish

Date Posted:26 August 2013 


It’s been over 10 years since his kidnap hit Perth’s news stands, but Mr Morish of East Perth has not been forgotten. On new years day 2002, it was discovered that the iconic Mr Morish had been stolen, minus (to everybody’s horror) his legs and walking stick!

With a heavy heart, owner Archie Moroni reported the crime to the West Australian, which then published an article urging the Perth Community to get on board and report anything that may lead to the return of Mr Morish to his home outside the East Perth Morish Nuts factory.

Their efforts prevailed, as a kindly Perth man told the West that he had last seen Mr Morish at Claisebrook train station. After a thorough search of the station, Archie found what was left of Mr Morish, and it wasn’t pretty! His kidnappers had decided the six foot tall polystyrene peanut was too big to lug home, so they took what they could, and left his bottom half behind!

Mr Morish is still missed by his old friends at Morish Nuts, but it is hoped that he lived a happy (although bottomless) existence since his kidnap in 2002.