Taste of Sydney 2012

Date Posted:14 March 2012 


The annual Taste of Sydney Show from 8th - 11th March kicked off our Eastern Walkabout, and what a great way to begin our East-coast Morish adventure. The weekend pop-up restaurant festival that will give you 'an unforgettable gourmet experience' complete with eating, nibbling, drinking, tasting and shopping - a foodie's haven!

Well, as the best shows always go, this one was off to an interesting start - the first day of the show had to be cancelled last minute due to the crazy weather in Sydney. A massive downfall of rain, and it didn't look like it was going to stop! So much rain in fact, that a guy at Bondi wearing a wet suit sitting at the foot of some stairs looked like he was sitting under a waterfall!

The rest of the weekend was looking fairly unpromising at that point!

But then, miraculously, the following day the sun was out and you wouldn’t have known that there was even a light shower, let alone torrential winds and rain only just the day before. So we had 3 glorious days of show time fun, and there were plenty of characters and Morish lovers that we met through the weekend.

Photo: Taste of Sydney

One keen customer departed our stand with a gift of Soft Nougat for a friend - we've been informed that it didn't quite make it to the recipient, and she'll now be shopping for replacement Nougat bars for her friend AND herself on our website! (Too right, we say!)

We also spotted Simon Leong, who loved our Macadamias! You can see his blog about the whole festival here - it takes a lot of effort and a keen stomach to get round to ALL the exhibitors in just 3 days!!

So in the end the show was a great success, and a great start to another Eastern Walkabout. The next stop will be the Newcastle Show this weekend!