Tamari hits the scene at the Morish kitchen

Date Posted:16 August 2011 

"We're getting serious folks.
We're stepping out.
We're leaving our caramel-coated comfort zone….
And introducing a whole new product to our savoury selections.
Get ready for, Morish Tamari Almonds!

For those who are particularly fond of our Morish Savoury Nibbles, you may have craved in the past another delicious Morish snack that wasn't quite as sugary sweet as our caramel- and choc-coated varieties. Well, we put ourselves to work to nut out (haha) the next addition to our tasty savoury saviours.
But this wouldn't be just ANY savoury nut. We were on another quest too; to find natural, gluten free ingredients. And what we came to was the incredible soy substance of tamari.
A type of shoyu (for those of us who don't speak Japanese, this means 'soy sauce') tamari is a very enjoyable dark sauce created (eventually) from soybeans. Although it looks like your regular supermarket soy sauce, don't be fooled! Tamari has a much more complex and balanced flavour and doesn't have quite the salty bite that soy has.
And best of all, it is naturally gluten free! (unlike soy sauce)
We knew we were onto a good thing… We oven roast premium Australian almonds to perfection, then bathe them in tamari before oven roasting them to dry. Tamari keeps its full flavour even after cooking, so our almonds are full of delicious-ness and, you've got it - they're extremely morish!
And the best way to enjoy a packet of Tamari Almonds? As Aussie-cliché as it is; with a beer in hand. Although we're not quite as enthusiastic as the Vikings were, who actually believed that there was a giant goat in heaven waiting for them with udders that provided an endless supply of beer……

To more clearly show you the effects of our incredible Tamari Almonds, with the particular variable factor of enjoying a beer during a football game (we may as well keep it Aussie, right?!), we've made a simple graph:
Firstly, a football game with a beer. Enjoyable. However, as you'll notice on the graph, the enjoyment level plateaus.

Here, we enjoy a beer AND Morish Tamari Almonds. Results indicate that enjoyment of the game steadily increases over time.

We're not claiming to be scientists or anything, but this is pretty damning evidence…
PS: You can already order our Tamari Almonds online! Head on over to this page to stock up…"