Nut-rally beautiful

Date Posted:12 May 2014 

Did you know that the delicious humble nut can boost your beauty regime and is considered a super food? These little bite size treats are not only great for your insides by filling you up with fibre, good fats, and protein, they also make your skin appear smoother, nails stronger, and hair shinier on the outside. Here are some of the wonderful beauty benefits of nuts.
Hair careIf your hair is dull, lifeless, and lacking a bit of oomph look no further than your nut bowl. Shampoo advertisements will bombard you with promises of shiny locks and healthy strands, but good hair care starts from the inside with the root of your hair. Putting something ON your hair can make a temporary difference, but the real difference will be from your nutrition.
Your hair is already dead as soon as it leaves your scalp, so the best thing to do is to eat the right foods to nourish it from within. The root is attached to your blood supply and will feed off what you feed yourself, and one food which comes highly recommended for hair is, you guessed it - nuts.
Skin Care
Our skin is always on show and nice skin makes us feel confident and beautiful. Nuts are very important for skin as they contain anti-oxidants and vitamin E. Anti-oxidants fight ageing and will help your skin appear younger over time and slow the ageing process. The vitamin E in nuts, such as almonds, helps smooth skin and is also recommended by many doctors for scarring such as that after surgery or from acne.
Your nails are much like the hair - once they leave the root your nail is dead so you must treat it from the inside. If you have brittle nails a bit of TLC from nuts will definitely do the trick. Like with hair, you can put something on the nails to make them stronger such as nail polish or hardener, but the source of the problem is where you should start. The protein found in nuts is a wonderful natural hardener for nails and helps them grow long and strong.
Nutrients in a nutshell
There are so many nutrients to be found in the humble nut, and you don’t have to eat a lot to get the benefits. A handful is enough to get the nutrition you need out of them.
Nuts contain selenium which is an important mineral for your scalp health; Brazil nuts have a high amount of this in them, but don’t eat more than a handful as too much selenium can be harmful to the body.
Zinc is a huge factor in the strength of the hair and prevents it from falling out – almonds, pecans, and cashews are a brilliant source of this.
The good fats in nuts, such as in macadamias, are wonderful for keeping the hair shiny and bouncy and can bring it back to life. These oils are also wonderful for the skin and will keep it soft and supple. Macadamias have a very high poly and mono-saturated fat content including Omega 3 & Omega 6 which is fantastic for the strength of hair and scalp also. There are also companies which derive the macadamia nut oil from these little guys to make special oils and shampoos to apply to the hair for added shine and bounce.
Biotin is a nutrient which doesn't come up in the diet often enough but nuts have plenty. Biotin is a B vitamin which helps protect the cells against DNA damage, essentially keeping your hair from shedding. Not many people know about this one, but it is a very important B vitamin.
Another nutrient which helps prevent shedding of hair is iron, it your iron levels fall too low then it can cause hair loss. Nuts are a fantastic source of iron and many vegetarians use nuts to supplement their diet. Iron is also very good for keeping nails hard and your cheeks rosy, helping to pump oxygen around your body.
Protein is a very important building block of hair, skin, and nails. If you lack protein in your body it cannot repair itself and create new growth. All nuts are a fantastic source of protein as they have a high dose within them of this power-builder (and taste wonderful too).
Keep in mind that similar to any healthy eating strategy you will not see results instantly. It takes two to three months for the benefits to show up through your hair, skin, and nails, but trust us – you will look and feel better in no time at all and people will be asking what the change is!