Morish Goes North. Way North!

Date Posted:20 August 2012 


We like to share the love wherever we can. We have friends all over Australia and visit as many parts of this big red land of ours as we can, regularly. In the last couple of weeks we were lucky enough to send one of our team members, Louis and his wife, to Northern WA to check out a few of the fantastic festivals they have to offer.

After packing up the Morish Van full of macadamias and peanuts, Louis set off on a mini Morish vacation to the Karratha FeNaCLNG Festival (4th & 5th August) held in Roebourne and then about 7 hours South East to the Tom Price Nameless Jarndunmunha Festival (10th – 12th August).

This was Morish’s first time at either of these festivals and to say we were made feel very much at home is an understatement. Rumours about how tasty Morish Nuts really are had trickled their way through the North over the last few years and everyone was very excited to see us there and to find out the rumours are in fact true.

The Karratha FeNaCLNG Festival, its name being a clever play on the chemical symbols of the three main production and export commodities in Karratha and Dampier: Iron Ore - Fe, Salt - NaCl and Natural Gas – NG. The festival, run by the Lions Club of Karratha/Dampier, has been running for 40 years and is so important to the area, a public holiday has been declared in its honour!

Photo courtesy of Elly Lukale

The Nameless Jarndunmunha Festival is an annual community event and this year celebrated the theme of 'Go for Gold'. A combination of art, crafts, workshops, lantern parade, fireworks, street parade and music, the Nameless Festival is a celebration of community.

A huge thanks to those that made Louis feel so welcome during his trip. We look forward to making these festivals a regular addition to our events calendar.