Manic about truffles in Mundaring

Date Posted:28 July 2011 


Truffle season has hit, and Western Australia likes to celebrate!
The pristine south-west of WA is the perfect spot for digging up the rare French Black Truffle, which come into a short season during our brisk Winter months.
And to honour the mighty truffle, we here at Morish have decided to go a bit truffle-manic ourselves with our new Morish Truffle Macadamia! Lightly roasted macadamias are bathed in truffle oil then gently tossed in truffle salt, bringing the delicate truffle flavours to the palate from the first delectable mouthful… Mmm!
Truffle-lovers are already falling in love with our Truffle Macadamias, just like The West Australian who featured our delicious new macs in their special truffle feature in FRESH last week (their office is going a bit truffle crazy as well!).
In fact, West Australians love their truffles SO much that literally thousands of truffle-nuts visit the south west to get their fair share of the stuff while it lasts! And the perfect opportunity to learn and taste everything about truffles is at the annual truffle festival in Mundaring.

The Mundaring Truffle Festival has been running for 5 years, and it's ever growing popularity means that it attracts over 20,000 visitors to the festival weekend from Australia and beyond - meaning our 'little' Mundaring has now respectfully earned its right on the global culinary calendar!
This weekend, 30th - 31st July 2011, the Mundaring Truffle Festival will be held once again in Mundaring, WA. The weekend is full to the brim of truffle action, with cooking masterclasses, entertainment, food discussion panels, food tasting, wine tasting - everything truffle! You can even meet the truffle dogs!
Oh and did we mention? Morish will be there too!
So best of all (if we don't say so ourselves) you can taste and stock up on our delicious Truffle Macadamias - they have been made exclusively for the festival!

Happy truffle fest!
PS: to find out more visit Mundaring Truffle Festival"