Date Posted:14 February 2011 

The day to choose your Valentine and celebrate love has come again – expect to see many red roses, heart shaped chocolate boxes and pink balloons in a glorious, gooey over-share of affection… But here at Morish, we like to also celebrate the fact that love BITES. Have a look at some of these love bloopers through time…
1. Romeo & Juliet

Tragedy stemming from two innocent lovers who jumped to conclusions well before they should have. After falling deeply in love despite the ongoing war between their two families, the situation eventuated with Juliet taking a sleeping drug that would put her into a death-like coma for a couple days. The message was SUPPOSED to have been given to Romeo, although when he saw his love “dead” he then consumed a fatal poison to reunite with her. Upon waking, moments later, and seeing her Romeo, Juliet decides to take her own life to join HIM. Moral of the story – keep calm and collected in the face of potential poisoned loved ones, and make sure you learn DR-ABC.

2. Tristan & Isolde

Story goes; Isolde was the daughter of the King of Ireland. She was betrothed to King Mark of Cornwall. Mark sent Tristan to Ireland to bring Isolde back to Cornwall so that he could marry her. On the way home, Tristan and Isolde fell in love. Back in Cornwall, Isolde married Mark anyway, but continued the love affair with Tristan. When Mark found out, he banished Tristan from Cornwall (but forgave Isolde). Lesson learned? Don’t get a mate to escort your ‘one true love’ back to you – do it yourself.

3. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, 'Pretty Woman'

Gere made the mistake of sharing secrets he shouldn’t have, which made his Pretty Woman mad (and thus leave). But the key to a girl’s heart? Climbing a half dozen set of stairs with a bouquet of roses even when scared of heights, proving that she’s worth it. Altogether now, Aww…

4. Cinderella and The Prince

What was Cinderella’s downfall? After a fantastic night of dancing with The Prince at the ball, she ran away at midnight in her pumpkin-turned-magical-carriage. However, being a bit of a clumsy one and having left just one shoe behind (luckily – or maybe even quite strategically?!), The Prince took on the challenge of finding the one and only who would fit the glass slipper. So what do we learn here? Running away from true love probably isn’t the best answer to things, but determination serves well.
But above the tragedies, the hiccups, and the bloopers, love really does triumph over all. So we wish you all a Happy Valentines Day and suggest you sink your romantic teeth into the Morish Love Bites goody pack to celebrate – with Morish Cashew, Macadamia and Soft Nougat, what’s not to LOVE?

Until next time,
Your one and only – Morish xox