Hamper up! Christmas is near!

Date Posted:24 November 2011 


Frantic are the days in the lead up to Christmas - how could it be December, ALREADY?!

Well, we at Morish like to [try] take it easy during the festive season, so we'll pass on some gift-giving advice to make it a cinch for you too.

Plan Ahead


It's that point at which you are wondering around the shopping centre for the 11th hour straight, slightly loopy because of the ice-cream stops you HAD to make along the way, yet still without any success of 'gifts' that it really sinks in: Christmas shopping is hard. We suggest planning your gifts before hitting the shops expecting them to jump out at you from windows, encased in the perfect gift wrap and hand written card. Zip, bam, boom - you have a list and it takes less than an hour to wiz around, ticking off Dad, Sis, second cousins and Grandma's next door neighbour.

Order a Morish Hamper online



Our hampers are choc-a-block full of scrumptious goodies (who needs a stocking if you get this instead???) and it is easy peasy to order online and have it delivered right to you in a flash. Or, to put on our convenience crown, you can deliver a gift straight to the giftee's front door! Our Jumbo Hamper comes in a very pretty tote bag (yes, you get that too!) and for a special gift our new Morish-Mondo Nuts and Nougat Feast is now on sale!




Another Christmas, another round of socks and jocks from dear little mum's and Nanna's everywhere. For a Secret Santa pressie? Not so cool.

When in doubt, use pretty wrapping paper.



It's all about presentation, right? So if the present inside isn't the most hippity-hop, smother it in beautiful packaging and pretty bows so it APPEARS to be something great. Maybe, it will look SO good that people will just want to keep it wrapped under the tree, forever.


For more ideas, follow our Morish X-Mas Countdown
We'll be featuring a product every week in the lead up to Christmas on the Morish Nuts Facebook page. For the perfect gift for Secret Santa's, family, friends and work colleges - we'll have the best ideas up our white-trimmed red sleeves."