Gourmet Snacks and Sunbaking on an island paradise

Date Posted:12 January 2012 


Picture a white sandy beach with crystal blue water, palm trees and a gentle breeze, relaxing in the warm sun without a care in the world…


Then say hello to Morish ;)


On a very sleek, cool, wish-I-was-you manoeuvre by yours truly (we liken it to being James Bond, but we'll let you decide), we are now proud to announce the arrival of Morish Nuts in the stunning '6-star' Mauritius hotel, Naiade Resort.

Did you hear correctly?

Can I get access to my favourite gourmet snack nuts …WHILE I AM ON A BRILLIANT HOLIDAY??!?

Yes, it's true!

An undeniably popular (top-of-the -list!) holiday destination, Mauritius really has it all: gorgeous beaches, picturesque scenery, historical and cultural sites - a luxury world on one island. The Mauritius tourism info hub even describes itself as 'an oasis of peace and tranquillity, set in its turquoise sea'…


So we thought it was a highly suitable place to be enjoying gourmet snacks - while sunbaking!

…Ok, ok, we made a mistake -

Mauritius NEARLY had it all. They now have Morish to thank for sealing the deal! :)