Gold for Morish Nuts!!

Date Posted:26 July 2012 


The Olympics are just around the corner! It is hard to believe that 4 years have passed and here we are again, getting excited about trying to smash the Americans in the medal tally and having funny conversations like, if you could compete in any sport, what would it be? Or, if you won a gold medal would you take it off to shower?

All this talk of the Olympics got us wondering, if Mr Morish could compete in any sport, what sport would that be?

His top hat makes us all think equestrian. More specifically, dressage. The glitz and the glamour would suit Mr Morish down to a tee. The hay and tall horses, not so much. Mr Morish is a short little peanut. It would take a ladder for him to climb up onto a horse, and even then his little legs would never reach the stirrups. The gold medal for individual dressage has gone to the Nederlands at the last 3 Olympics. In fact Australia has never won any medals in dressage since it's beginning at the Stockholm Olympics in 1912. We think we might leave this one to the professionals.

A lot of Mr Morish’s Nuts have a bit of kick to them. For example, the Hot and Spicy Macadamias, Wasabi Macadamias, Hot and Spicy Cashews, Hot and Spicy Peanuts. This leads us to believe that Mr Morish is a bit of a feisty peanut at heart, and with all that energy, would hold his own on the judo mats. Judo is derived from jujitsu, the hand-to-hand combat technique of ancient samurai warriors. When we think of Mr Morish, we don’t automatically think samurai warrior, but with a little bit of bulking up and a lot of practice on his armlock, Mr Morish could be a Judoka in no time. Until he sees these pictures ...

Being from Perth, home of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the clearest option for Mr Morish is Beach Volleyball. The sun, the sweat and sand literally everywhere! Sounds like heaven. Australia has done well in Beach volleyball, picking up fourth place in the men’s at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, and the Women scored gold in Sydney in 2000. Mr Morish would be following the path of some of Australia’s sporting legends.

However at this late stage we think the chance of Mr Morish getting the call up for any event is unlikely. Which is fine, because it leaves him to take part in the event he loves best, supporting our Aussie athletes from the sidelines and eating tons of Morish Nuts.

Make sure you are all stocked up with your favourite Morish treats for the next few weeks. We are going to need a lot of midnight snacks!