Digestion in a nut-shell

Date Posted:6 June 2014 


Nuts and fibre go hand in hand when it comes to helping with digestion. We know we need to eat fibre rich foods in order to create a healthy and balanced digestive system. Macadamias and other nuts are not only high in fibre, but also possess qualities which are essential to a healthy and balanced intestinal tract.
Macadamias can help the digestive system by providing it with high fibre; approximately 7% fibre is contained in the nuts. Foods which are high in fibre help with satiety, keeping us feeling fuller for longer and making sure we don’t overeat. They slow digestion, making sure that we absorb the most nutrients possible out of our food before it leaves our bodies. And the fibre also reduces physical conditions such as constipation, haemorrhoids, bowel cancers, and the effects of irritable bowel syndrome.
When we eat something which is high in fibre like the macadamia nut, it also means that the energy released from it into our bodies is done so rather slowly. Therefore, it is considered to have a low GI (Glycaemic Index). This is fantastic for those wanting to lose weight as it keeps us from reaching for the quick high sugar hit foods in between meals, and also helps with weight loss.
The low GI diet was actually designed for people suffering from diabetes to better manage their blood sugar levels. Eating foods which are low GI (such as macadamia nuts) prevents large fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Eating foods low in GI also benefits in helping to cut out sweet food craving cycles. Low GI limits the spikes in blood sugar, limiting the release of insulin, hence preventing fat storage and weight gain.
Nuts also contain a high concentration of selenium which helps reduce mal-absorption. It is an important nutrient which ensures that the food we eat is translated to vitamins and minerals which our intestines can absorb and feed our bodies with.
The anti-inflammatory effects of macadamias are also a winner for digestion. Macadamias contain a high percentage of omega 3 and omega 6 antioxidants. Antioxidants are known for their ability to help the body slow the damage of cells. If your diet is high in antioxidants it will help flush the digestive system of free radicals (molecules which cause deterioration of anything they come in contact with) and hence help prevent disease and damage before it begins to occur in the body.
It is of course important to eat a balanced and varied diet in order to improve on digestion. The more foods we eat, the more variety of nutrients and minerals we will allow our bodies to absorb. The humble macadamia is an amazing source of nutrients, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants which can help with your digestive needs. Why not pick up a pack and nourish your body today?