Can almonds lower your cholesterol?

Date Posted:10 March 2014 


Welove almonds – not just because they’re delicious, but because they’re full ofvitamin E, calcium, and have the potential to lower your cholesterol. But justhow do they do that?

Takea look at the stats below from []:

Numerous studies report up to a 10%reduction of bad Cholesterol (LDLs) for study particpants consuming almondsversus those who don't. This reduction occurs without harming levels of goodcholesterol (HDLs).1-4The results show you simply have toconsume almonds without making any other changes to your diet.

In order to achieve a 10% reduction in LDLcholesterol aim to eat around 73 grams of almonds per day. That is about half acup of almonds, and around 400 calories from almonds alone. One dose-responsestudy of almonds showed a 5% reduction in LDL cholesterol per 1/4 cup ofalmonds, and 10% for a 1/2 cup.2Studieshave not been done if you eat a full cup of almonds. However, since almonds arehigh in calories, it is not recommended that you eat morethan a cup a day. Below is a graph representing how almonds might affect yourcholesterol numbers. It assumes your current cholesterol level is 200 (mg/dL).

Withseveral studies1-4reporting a 10% decline in LDL cholesterol from eating almonds, it is recommended that you eat almonds as part of your plan to loweryour cholesterol numbers. "