Be my Valentine?

Date Posted:14 February 2012 


Macs have a crunch,
Chocolate is creamy,
A peanut in a top hat,
Is certainly dreamy!

A hamper for her,
A hamper for him,
To be without Morish today,
Would be a sin!
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I'd choose a packet of Morish Nuts,
Before I choose you!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Treat yourself, and (arguably) more importantly your loved ones, to a delicious Morish indulgence on the most romantically hallmarked day of the year. For chocolate lovers, we recommend the Choc-Coated Macadamias - yummy Australian macs coated in our special caramel coating, then smothered in rich creamy chocolate for an irresistible crunch. If savoury is more to your liking, try our special Morish Savoury Nibbles with tempting roasted and salted macadamias and cashews, and oven baked pretzels.

Or for more of an indulgence our hampers are right up the romance ally - try the Jumper Tote Bag for everything you love about Morish, packed neatly in a red-bowed bag. And our super-indulgent Morish Mondo Nuts and Nougat Feast which even has a bottle of sparkling to share!

Lovers, delight! And - if there's no ball to the chain - there's just one more of Morish all for YOU! (All the single ladies, put your hands up!!)

And, as always - have a nutty day! :-)