Australia Day

Date Posted:24 January 2012 


There are many highlights of being an Aussie, one being that we have one of those unique languages that only we can understand!

For instance, this Australia you might…
Say a hooroo to your mates and head down to Woolies to stock up on tucker and throw the bangers (and the shrimp - good ol' Paul Hogan) on the barbie and bog in with a coldie in your other hand.
Here's a starter's list on the Aussie slang - a necessity to any tourists who happen to be around when the blue and white colours and Southern Cross stick on tatts are pulled out come January 26th.
Ace! Excellent! Very good!
Aggro Upset or angry
Arvo Afternoon
Bangers Sausages
Barbie BBQ
You beaut Very Good
Bloody oath! I Agree (wholeheartedly!)
Big bikkies lots of money
Bludger Someone who is lazy, gets out of work
Bog in Commence eating (with enthusiasm)
Chockers Full to the point where you cannot eat or drink any more
Coldie A cold beer
Crack a tinnie Open a can of cold beer
Fair dinkum Real, true, genuine
Drongo Idiot
Sickie Pretending to be sick to get out of school or work
Smoko Morning tea break
Steak and Kidney Sydney
Tucker Food
Woolies Woolworths supermarket


When all else fails, just add 'ay' to the end of your sentences.


So we'll be greeting everyone with a cheesy 'G'Day!' ( which the world seems to think we use a lot more than we're sure most Australia's actually adhere to) and celebrating those things unique only to us, like Aeroplane Jelly and AFL. We'll all have our rosie Vegemite cheeks while we pull out the Aussie flags and boardies and spend a day being 100% Australian.


Loud and proud!


Happy Australia Day!