Archie's Eastern Walkabout: The Best of the NSW Shows

Date Posted:19 May 2011 

We’ve had a great time with our fellow NSW nutters, enjoying the shows and scenery (although not the rain!) on the East Coast. Having just finished up at the Royal Sydney Easter Show, we were THINKING about taking a break…
But then we thought of all our Morish nibblers, and we kindly reconsidered.
So, it was time to get our speedy-pants on and fuel up the travelling van. A very frantic close-down of two stands at Olympic Park to bump out of the Royal Sydney Easter Show and rush, rush, rush to bump in at the Caravan & Camping NSW Show at Rosehill Racecourse.
Remember what we said about that good ol’ scenery?
Rain had been bucketing down since Monday, and Rosehill racecourse was a quagmire. Even our truck was bogging…
Fortunately for us (and a bit less fortunate for everyone else!) the GRAND Morish stall took position in the GRANDstand – under cover! – and a lovely position just down the aisle from the Queensland tourism display.
Kay King, our lovely stall operator for the week, was very pleased; she could chat to her friends from Queensland, including Ron Chapman, the head honcho of QLD Caravan & Camping.

And as for the show? The toys on offer were mind-blowing, admittedly some of them, including the Winnebago and the fifth wheelers, had “mind-blowing” prices to match. Probably a good thing that we had limited time to drool!

Before the Camping show had even finished, we had to leave Kay and the Morish stand in the ‘quagmire’ and head off over the Blue Mountains to Bathurst for the Royal Bathurst show. Royal Bathurst is the only show not in a capital city to be awarded a warrant to actually call itself the Royal Bathurst Show. We think it has been named quite aptly – the drive over the Blue Mountains is truly spectacular, and the days in royal Bathurst glorious and sunny, deciduous trees displaying outstanding autumn colours. The day temperature 20 degrees centigrade, however, the night temps plummet to minus 2 degrees, heavy frost on the ground until 9am.
The showgrounds have some fabulous old buildings. The exhibition hall we were lucky enough to be set up outside of, Beau Brown Pavilion, dates back to 1892!
I enjoy coming to the Royal Bathurst Show to meet old clients from years back, some even take the time to hand stitch designs on the Morish Jute tote-bag! We also met some lovely new clients and made friends with some animals (it is an Ag show after all). Meet the latest addition to the Morish network, a Neopolitan Mastiff, 15 months old and already weighs in at 85kg.

Raced back to Sydney on Sunday night to catch the end of the Caravan & Camping Show. Luckily for all those not-so-lucky stall holders and visitors, the rain had stopped upon our absence.
Stock, truck and caravan packed and mothballed ready for our next show stop in August – The Ekka.
Marie and I are now ready to head off over the Blue Mountains again for a leisurely 4000km drive back to Perth…