Archie's Eastern Walkabout: Giant pumpkins, the world's hottest heat and International visitors at t

Date Posted:5 May 2011 

Another successful year at the Sydney Royal Easter Show! HUGE attendance of over 900,000 over the 14 days with a mere 150,000 on Good Friday getting ready to enjoy the long weekend Easter break. The million mark was well within reach, but unfortunately the last three days of the show produced non-stop rain. The weather bureau called them SHOWERS – well, this was a very loose definition of the word… I just do not think the fellows at the cosy weather bureau office popped their heads out of the window to confirm reality!
Set up as usual was frenetic, none more so than watching the district exhibit prepare the fabulous displays of produce, each year a different theme. It is difficult to imagine that from this chaos arises a world class display that attracts visitors from all over Australia and internationally.
The produce is also pretty spectacular, like this bevy of 200kg pumpkins...

...Now THAT’S a pumpkin!
Australian growers are renown for innovation, none more so than our long standing neighbour at the show, Marcel de Wit of The Chilli Factory. Marcel has grown (and had verified) the world’s hottest chilli, the fiercely named TRINIDAD SCORPION BUTCH T. “Pfft… It wouldn’t be THAT hot!” do I hear you say?
Well, chilli potency is measured on the Scoville scale. A jalapeno contains about 5000 Scoville heat units; a bird's eye chilli between 50,000 and 100,000. But the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T? 1.46 MILLION Scoville. The current Guinness World Records is the Naga Viper chilli, measuring 1.38 million… The Trinidad seems to fit Marcel’s “Mind Blowingly Hot” range! In fact, for some portions of the manufacturing process, protective clothing must be worn to “fend off” the chilli fumes – well, we at Morish certainly don’t need industrial gas masks to make our delicious candy coating!
Watching the reactions of show-goers brave enough to sample the Trinidad can be quite spectacular. The ranges of facial expressions as the chilli heat hits provided quite a bit of amusement! Clients in distress are directed to the Morish Nuts stand for a fix of Morish Choc Macadamia or Choc Peanuts to neutralise the worst of the heat…

We also welcomed back to the show many of our regulars such as Mrs Fitzgerald of Tamarama, her twelfth consecutive year visiting the show and our Morish stand to collect her regular show bag. Thank you for your support over our last decade (and a bit! – and still going strong).
This year’s show seemed to leave us a little star struck. Also seen sampling and enjoying Morish Nuts was the Premier of NSW, Barry O’Farrell, and the family who we welcomed to the Morish Family, and Dawn Fraser and her daughter passing by and who just loved Morish Nuts. And even some international visitors including Jenken who felt that anything less than the Jumbo show bag would have been inadequate.
It was also a pleasure to greet Airin Zainul from Media Prima Malaysia, a media and events organisation in the mould of News Limited. She led a team of 63, researching the 10 most successful public events in the world of which the Royal Easter Show features high on the list. Well we certainly know that at least twenty Morish showbags are now destined for lucky recipients in Malaysia! And congratulations to Dorothy Empam, a lucky winner of the day’s Premium Cabin Carry Bag – it is on route to Malaysia, we hope she will generously share with her colleagues (however tough that may be!).
So 2011 at the show is all finished, and once again we had a fabulous time at Sydney! A big thanks to all the nutty nibblers who visited us at the show, and to Kay and the crew with a particular mention to Jason, Katherine, George and Emily. We look forward to seeing you all in 2012!
And for all those who have already gone through their Morish supplies from the show – you can get your fix again by ordering online and having your favourite treats delivered right to your doorstep!
Happy nibbling! We’re off on the road again to continue on our Eastern Walkabout, keep checking here and on our Facebook page for updates!