Archie’s Eastern Walkabout: Embarking over the Bass Strait

Date Posted:13 April 2011 

Off to Tasmania we go! After travelling the south of the country across the Bite, we head towards our fondly loved little Tazzy for a bit of sight-seeing. A nice break from the heat and the long roads! Arriving onto Tasmanian soil was, just like our Morish Nougat – a SWEET relief!

A wonderfully buzzing place, the Salamanca Market in Hobart was home to many hand crafted and home made treasures. We’re hoping to exhibit Morish Nuts here! We also want to come back for the Royal Hobart Show in October… look out for us again Tas!

But it was soon time to hit the road again – so back over the Strait and on towards Sydney we went!
On the road we found more of the Big’s to add to our collection – have a look at these golden oldies:

Not to be outdone, Golbourne has really gone to town with this impressive ramm.

And a special entrant to the category, the dog at Gundegai may not be large but for me it’s a sentimental favourite…

Soon enough we were at Canberra for the Royal Show – nice to return once again to one of our favourites! Here are some of our highlights:
Anita and Johan, recent arrivals from South Africa, at their first ever Aussie Royal Show! Anita chose black and white candy stripe to compliment her Premium Nut Showbag.

Kay from Morish QLD and Marie helping a show-goer at the award-winning display (but we don’t like to brag about it).

Mum devotee of the Canberra Royal Show and Morish Nuts introducing 8-day old Lucas to the pleasure of both!

Little William buying dad (an avid Collingwood supporter) a Morish Nuts showbag, ably assisted by mum. Our black and white stripes are a perfect match for fans!

This Bondi Beet was blushing bright red after taking out first prize in the school’s vege sculpture competition!

And after a fantastic week of interesting characters, stories, memories and PLENTY of snacking, we had a slight hiccup…
Marie, Bob and Kay had to struggle without yours truly on last day of the show as I had to be rushed off to Canberra hospital in middle of the night in an attack of kidney stones! I then spent the day being poked, prodded and pricked… But the very pleasant and helpful crew made things much more bearable! Lani and Pauline on duty at the emergency ward are to be commended! Pauline confessed to being a Morish Nuts tragic – her favourites are almond and cashew.

Unfortunately, the girls could not get to the show due to heavy work load. But not to worry ladies, a hamper of Morish goodies are on the way, and a big thank you for your cheery disposition!
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