Ahoy me Hearties!

A quiet, bohemian December in the ol' town Fremantle is given the heave ho to make way for the ISAF Sailin' World Championships held this month between 3rd and 18th of December.


This hear ye be the biggest sailin' event held at our splendid Freo since the 1987 America's Cup Defence (blimey!). And the town is out in full force to accommodate the thousands of visitors expected for the Worlds - which will be 3 times as big as the Cup! - that will be here for the 2-week regatta.

Why such a turn out? Well if ye aren't a sailin' buff I'll tell ye!

The Sailin' World Champs are the holy gateways for competitors to earn their place at the Olympic Games. So if ye want a gold medal for ye loot of pirate booty ye best raise ye Jolly Rogers an' set sail!


And to join in the commotion, Morish will be setting anchor with our scrumptious Morish van full o' ye favourite nuts 'n snacks. Find us parked on shore with ye other landlubbers. We recommend all ye lads an' lassies set up with a Pop-A-Jak whilst watching a race - then try not to blink, those sailin' maties pull up mighty fast!


We're barracking for the Aussies to leave all the other competitors to feed the fish then set three sheets to the wind in celebration ;)


And now to get the pirate talk out of our systems…..

Ahoy! Shiver me timbers! Aye! Thar she blows! Yo-ho-ho! Arrrr!!
Psst! Find out more about ye sailin' race 'ere: www.perth2011.com