A Truffle Kerfuffle Weekend

We spent the weekend in Manjimup with our noses to the ground in search for the elusive truffle, at the second annual Truffle Kerfuffle Southern Forest Food Festival.

This was our first time at Truffle Kerfuffle, adding to our ever growing list of must attend truffle festivals. The day was full of delicious gourmet food and hugs with the stars of the show, the gorgeous truffle sniffing Labradors.

The exciting thing about the beginning of truffle season, as well as the festivals, the amazing food and the cute truffle sniffing puppies ( .... ok EVERYTHING about truffle season is exciting!), is the return of our limited edition Truffle Macadamias! Made exclusively for WA’s truffle festivals, these little gourmet delicacies are as exclusive as the truffles themselves!

The coveted French black truffle, a delicacy due to their world-wide scarcity, is used to create our unique Morish Truffle Macadamias. The lightly roasted macadamias are bathed in truffle oil then gently tossed in truffle salt, bringing the delicate truffle flavours to the palate from the first delectable mouthful. This gourmet snack is sure to get the tastebuds tingling, and even tempt a couple of you truffle sceptics!

These tasty morsels are only available in limited supply, so if you missed them at Truffle Kerfuffle you can pick some up at the Mundaring Truffle Festival held on the last weekend in July.

Get more information on the Mundaring Truffle Festival here.

And don't forget to come see us at the Every Woman Expo being held at the Perth Convention Centre from the 29th June - 1st July.