A Morish week at the Perth Royal Show 2010

"Friends, showbags, and nuts – we had another fantastic week of fun at the Perth Royal Show for 2010. Running from 25th September to 2nd October, we saw thousands of show-goers and had a great time welcoming back our regular Morish visitors – and saying hello to new ones!

We had 3 Morish stands across the Claremont Showgrounds this year, which saw heaps of show highlights! Fantastic weather, days of great crowds and nights of magical fireworks, meant it wasn’t hard to enjoy the show (amongst the hard work!).

And the best part of the Royal Show? The showbags, of course.

A crowd favourite (again) this year was the Jumbo Bag, with all your favourites for just $40, including the original Morish Jumbo Peanut, plus Jumbo Cashew, Jumbo Almond, Mini Pretzels, and Pop-a-Jak (just to name a few). It seems our loyal Morish customers like the value for money in the jumbo bag – it’s the most popular of all our Morish showbags!

Exciting news this year was our brand new Morish Nuts Fruit ‘n’ Nut Premium Showbag, full of tasty treats such as Choc Ginger, Macadamia Crunch and Macadamia Brittle, Choc Apricot and Choc Liquorice. For a show price of just $39 (retail value $55), this bag was a real treat!

Show-goers would have also seen the Mums & Dads bag, Junior Showbag, and our Macadamia Showbag. And, we’re proud to have achieved the Highly Commended Showbag Award for the show this year. Well done to the team!

Thanks for coming along to see us at the Perth Royal Show – we look forward to seeing you next year!

And for Perth Morish lovers who didn’t get the chance to see us at the show this year, remember you can always order ONLINE at www.morish.com.au ,Or feel free to drop by our shop at 139 Kensington Street – we’d love to say hello!"