4 fabulous reasons to visit Morish Nuts at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

Coming up in April, as I'm sure we won't need to tell you Sydney-folk, is the Royal Sydney Easter Show (huzzah!!). The show is 14 days of fun, fun, fun from the 5th until the 18th of April - and WE'LL BE THERE AGAIN to join in!

So what makes this year's show even more spectacular an event than normal? Well, we have 4 great reasons to share -

This year, Morish Nuts are teaming up with other like-minded businesses who strive for excellence in quality and taste. So instead of just our deliciously mouth-watering products, show-goers this year have a bit more variety. Introducing… the Menz Choc Honeycomb Show Bag and the Medlow Fine Gels Show Bag! These bags are packed with awesome yummy products that will no doubt give you a sugar high (completely necessary when visiting the show!). Not to mention the new Nougat & Crunch and Nougat & Nuts bags!



Did someone say NEW products??! Yuuuummmm - your mouth should be watering! For those who still haven't tried our new Morish Tamari Almond, now is your chance! A savoury piece of heaven, and gluten free, the soy-like tamari flavour is just right for those peckish times.

And brand new, concocted this year by Mr Archie himself - the Morish Regal Blend. This is a combination of our dry roasted and salted macadamias and cashews, blended with our Tamari Almonds. The result - a scrumptious savoury mix! And 100% gluten free, so for those who loved the Savoury Nibbles but had to pick out all the pretzels - save yourself the time and heart ache and go for the Regal Blend for 110% satisfaction.




We're moving up in the world! And in the world of royal shows, that means putting ourselves closer to the show bag pavilion so that YOU can find us easier! Look for the black and white stripes, and follow your Morish noses, to the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome, and our new location at the entrance of the Show Bag Hall on Riverina Av.




We love you guys, and to show you that love, we're giving you a discount. Lucky you!! Look out for our ads where you'll find a discount voucher for our delicious show bags - take the ad in to the show with you and reap the caramel-coated benefits.


By the way - hint! hint! - if you're on our mailing list you'll receive vouchers via email, then all you have to do is print them off and bring them in! Sign up here and you'll receive this and many other tempting offers.

We'll see you at the show! Don't forget to bring your appetite - and maybe work on those arm muscles so you can cart home your new stash of Morish supplies!