3 Things You May Not Know About Morish

It has been brought to our attention that there are some funny rumours going around about Morish Nuts; Our pop-a-jak is set to be listed as a national treasure, Archie is in fact Santa Clause, and The President of America sent Hillary Clinton to Perth to do a special investigation on how amazing our Tamari Almonds are. While some of these rumours should be true (we are still waiting for a phone call from Mrs Clinton) we have a couple of facts about Morish that we can confirm right now …

1. Morish Nuts can be purchased in bulk

Gone are the days of putting a bowl of boring old candy canes on the table at your work Christmas function. We are the one-stop-shop for Christmas party nibbles. If you have been assigned the organizing of your work Christmas party; be it 10 or 100, look no further than our ever popular macadamia crunch.

And it doesn’t end at Christmas. Morish Nuts would make a pretty unique snack choice for a wedding reception, birthday party, work function or bar mitzvah.

2. Morish Nuts top the list of most requested gift from Santa

We have it on good authority that after socks and jocks, a packet of Macadamia Crunch or pop-a-jack is the best present you can give to a loved one this year. Already pre-packed in elegant candy striped black and white gift boxes, Morish nuts are the perfect stocking stuffer or addition to the annual Chrissy hamper for the parent-in-laws.

3. Our nuts are basically good for you

Well … in moderation of course. But when you do indulge a little you can rest easy knowing that we are free from gluten, lactose, preservatives, additives and colouring agents, which also makes us certifiably GUILT FREE!

The countdown is on for Christmas. Don’t forget to pop onto our website to order some treats to give away as prezzies, or if you want to know more about buying Morish Nuts in bulk, give us a call.

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