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Gift Pack $19.50

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A tasty treat to suit everyone. Perfect and inexpensive gift hamper that will titillate the taste buds.


Premium Savoury Mix 80g 
Premium Mix 80g - Caramel Coated
Morish Crunch 100g
Morish Peanut Brittle 150g

Gift Pack

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The ever popular Traditional Morish Hamper now also containing scrumptious Pop-a-Jak!

Each hamper contains:
  • 4 x 100g packs of Morish Nuts:  Cashew, Almond, Peanut and Hot & Spicy Peanut)
  • Morish Pop-a-Jak 140g
  • Morish Macadamia 80g

Suitable for vegetarian dietry needs and is also Gluten free.

Traditional Hamper

Selected Australian popping corn and Kingaroy Peanuts smothered in a rich caramel coating with a generous sprinkling of coconut. Creating that luscious, tropical, Morish crunchy flavour


Gluten, preservative and flavourant free, suitable for vegetarian dietary needs. 




We hope you will try this delightful old-fashioned recipe of roasted Australian peanuts in a tantalizing bed of caramel brittle.


Gluten, preservative and flavourant free, suitable for vegetarian dietary needs. 

Peanut Brittle

Gourmet's Choice!

The gourmet's choice full of the finest selected Premium Nuts and Pop-a-Jak

Each hamper contains: 

4 x 80g packets of Premium Morish Nuts (Almond,Cashew, Pistachio, Hot Cashew)
140g Morish Pop-a-Jak
80g Morish Macadamia

Premium Hamper

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